Caitlin Alfred

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It is no accident that at 12 years old I discovered "The Style Network"; no coincidence that in middle school I wrote stories with so much detail and adventure; no luck of any sort that I was bitten by the teaching bug.  I'm convinced that God knew from the very beginning. 


I view words as wardrobe, I believe style is your own, and I know for a fact that knowledge is power. Those three principles are what I base my business on.


Latest work


Sistas - Season 3


Young dylan - Season 2

House of payne - Season 8 & 9


Caitlin is not only an incredible stylist AND makeup artist, but she is a warm, beautiful, kind human being. I loved working with her today and know exactly where to go for any future makeup/styling needs!! I hope that you will check her out and make her your 'go-to gal'.” 


“I literally heard Caitlin in my head saying 'wear what feels good to you' lol. And I did. Even though it might have appeared to a weird combo to others, I felt comfortable and BRAVE. Kudos to Caitlin for not only sharing with women how to look stylish but to do so in a way that is empowering to and for them.”​


"Caitlin spent the evening with me and told me what should stay and go based on what is considered wardrobe essentials along with how certain pieces should fit. This has helped me immensely. I may have fewer clothes in my closet but I utilize everything I have instead of going to the store before every occasion" 


This [personal style consultation] call was so helpful and I had

an awesome time.

I love [Caitlin's] energy, expertise and enthusiastic communication of style.

I WILL be in touch and I look forward to working with [her].


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